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Our Dream Team

Ensuring Every Idea Finds Its Spark

Himadeep Reddy

Founder & Chairman (CEO)

The visionary leader, Himadeep crafts Infinity's strategic direction with passion and foresight.

From Founder & Chairman

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Our journey has been marked by resilience, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower our clients and partners. In the face of challenges, we have not only adapted but thrived, turning obstacles into stepping stones for progress.

The digital era is upon us, and we are the architects of its potential. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain and IoT, our expertise spans the entire spectrum of technological advancements. Together, we have built a foundation that enables businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond providing solutions – it is about forging lasting partnerships that transcend the traditional client - vendor relationship. By understanding their unique challenges and aspirations, we can co-create the future, one innovative solution at a time.

Himadeep Reddy

Founder & Chairman (CEO)

Our Dream Team

Dinesh Kanakanti

Project Manager (Tech & PMO)

Goutham Kunaparaju

Operations Manager

Praveen Gajjelli

Finance Executive

Kinjal Popat

HR Manager (Admin)

Mahesh Mathi

Sr. Graphic Designer

Pitambar Naik

Sr. Copywriter

Pranesh Potti

Sr. Front-End Developer

Palakshi Kuruba

QA Associate

Prapul Kalyan

Sr Digital Marketing Executive

Kartheek Gotte

Sr. Editor & Photographer

Sai Veeraj Danduboyina

Jr. Brand Planner

Lakshmi Chandrika Cheeti

Jr. Content/Copywriter

Sunil Krishnapuram

Jr. Graphic Designer

Aditi Sabharwal

Manager-Brand Strategist

Akshitha Mummina

Digital Marketing Executive

Kammari Sai Harshitha

Brand Planner