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About Infinity Spark

The only way to do great work is to love what you do

The whipped cream made the difference.
The classic hot chocolate is made the same everywhere, but it’s the cream that makes all the difference.
Well that is the origin story of Infinity Spark. We knew that every brand was similar in a lot of ways, but there was that one distinguishing detail that set it apart from its contemporaries and that’s what stands as our distinguishing factor too, the ability to identify this factor in our client. With this motto on our mind, it has been a year and we have served various brands that have touched new milestones and we are ready to make a kickass difference with yours too

Hello & Welcome!

Entrepreneurially zealous , a directional force & A Forget me not soothing smile.

T V Himadeep Reddy

Whats Up!

Mesmerizing conversationalist , social wasp & A powerhouse of energy.

Sandeep bavanari

Nice to meet!

Stable, sophioticated, prudent & definitely a beauty with brains.

T Deepthi Reddy


Let your brand do the talking..

Rule the digital platform with our innovative and ingenious digital strategies as we make sure to welcome the one traffic that increases the visibility of your brand by optimizing Google, Bing and Yahoo to stretch directly into your target audience. Conquer the social media platforms as the likes, comments and shares flow in to elevate the horizons of your brand to the next level.
Ensure a proactive relationship between your brand and its audience with our strategic solutions as we build, enhance and maintain your brand image and reputation in the right direction. With Pay Per Click advertising, we ensure to increase your brand visibility trifold, thereby bringing into light newer audience into your horizon.


Let the world know a little more about your brand. We ensure to design websites that not only inform the browser about your brand but give a peek into its very soul. Captivating design ideas with the right content that leave a mark in the minds of the audience is what we ensure to our clients.
Websites often add a more personal touch to a brand. Apps do increase the accessibility and reach of a brand, but it is the website that fulfils the needs of the audience 100%. Blogs, Events, Employee Catalogues, Projects undertaken and everything else, gives your audience the perfect idea, thus creating a unique identity for your brand

While Content is the queen, DESIGN is the KING.

Design is what we specialize in and Design rules Infinity Spark. Our Designs are bold, unique and charismatic in a lot of ways. Colors have the finest blends and typography is our unique statement. We make sure our designs not only appeal, but also attract the audience to your brand
Adorn a new look for your brand, give it that special recognition as we design your brand approach to a whole new level. We make sure to enhance the avatar of your brand and ensure that your target audience is spell bound.

Let your words steal the limelight.

Right content leads to the right connect. We make sure that our content in all ways is unique and unmatched thus ensuring your brand a great connection with its audience, leaving an indelible impact in their minds.
Content quite often represents the soul of a design and we make sure to vibe this soul with your audience, thus igniting the necessary spark in your audience. Effective content often creates the most impact the mind of the audience, which is why we treat our content as the QUEEN .

Well, we can all say a GoodBye to the waiting game now..

Websites are bygones. Switch to apps that put you on the pace with the new gen and provide just the perfect platform to deliver your services to the desired audience. Mobile applications are more accessible, user friendly and give your brand the needed reach .
They also increase accessibility, cost effective, alleviate customer engagement and prove to be a constant reminder of your business. An app launches quicker than a website, which would require you to launch the browser, enter the url and wait for the site to load.

With creative and unique strategies and campaigns. let us give your brand the whipped cream to its hot chocolate

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

Our creative juices, compel us to create something beyond ordinary. Our creative zeal helps us enhance your brand in the most unique direction and create an unmatched identity for it, thus bringing the audience closer to you

We’re Punctual

Punctuality. Your brand is our passion. We ensure, time management is at its best in our agency, thereby enabling our product delivery on time.

We have magic

Illusionists is what we call ourselves. We weave magic into every brand we associate with, every campaign we introduce and every creative we create. We create a magic called soulfulness, that gives us an extra edge over our contemporaries

We love minimalism

We staunchly believe in creative minimalism. Minimalism, we believe conveys a lot more. Minimalism ensure accurate understanding and clarity in thought, yet leaves space for subjectivity. We seek to inspire and get inspired, minimalistically.

We’re responsible

Responsibilities are tough to handle, but we handle them with ease and care, because responsibilities are given only to the trusted. Trust, is what we seek and keep. Once trusted, we ensure to go all the way to make sure we never disappoint you

We're Friendly

We are a bunch of easy going individuals, who find passion in everyday life and work. We make sure the atmosphere around us is happy and friendly, to ensure not only client satisfaction but also employee satisfaction.

Latest News All News in our blog

Comprehensive Vehicle Management Software
C V M S is a combination of various vehicle data inputs which gives the complete report of the specific vehicle on monthly and annual basis.C V M S has been ideated and developed for the Telangana State Police Dept. which stands as our first government project.
Comprehensive Store Management Software
C S M S, a complete database has been ideated for an easy and organised handling of the entire inventory of the State Police Dept.
Online Test Portal
A common testing portal which acts as a one stop solution for all competetive exams in the present day scenario.A project still taking its baby steps...
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